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About Owens

Who Are We?

Owens is the largest Commercial and Residential heating, ventilating, and air conditioning contractor in the Twin Cities. We were industry pioneers in preventive maintenance, energy retrofit, design/build, and energy management more than 40 years ago; and were recognized as the national HVAC Contractor of the Year in 1996. Today, we build upon our proud heritage by providing outstanding customer service; integrating innovative technologies; and delivering reliable, single-source solutions.

What We Do

We provide homeowners, building owners, and building management professionals with: Reliable Systems Comfortable Indoor Environments Cost-Effective Operation Owens’ professionals perform preventive maintenance, equipment repair and replacement, engineering and design, retrofit and modernization, and commercial building services and facility operation.

Why Owens?

Single-Source Responsibility = Absolute Accountability. True single-source responsibility allows Owens to deliver an unmatched level of customer service. Our broad range of capabilities, skills, and integrated disciplines enable Owens to deliver results, not excuses. So, if you are looking for a contractor who does what it promises, look no further: Owens has been standing behind our work since 1957.

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Winter is upon us and heating costs are on the rise. Be smart about energy consumption this winter and save yourself some money. Follow these six simple home energy saving tips. Lower your temperature to 68 degrees. For every degree you lower your heat in the 60-degree to 70-degree range,…

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Three Reasons to Convert an Oil Burning Furnace or Boiler to Gas

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Since 1957, Owens has been providing answers to commercial and residential customers about how to run a better building and home. Whether through preventive maintenance, retrofit or energy management, the three main measures of performance have remained unchanged.


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